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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tried so many Remedies but No effects ? Get Makeover of Your Fate from us.

When people come to us for consultation,  most of them tell us one same thing that -  

" We are deeply depressed and fade up of visiting Astrologers, Babas, Sages, Etc people. We have spend so much money on their expensive remedies, still NEVER get any positive results. and so now we don't want to consult anybody and don't want to spend a single rupee on such stupid remedies. "

If you are also in a same situation , you should take our " Special Advice Package" where you get totally " Makeover of Your Fate ". Whatever problems you have,We will pick you out from the deep whole of Depression, Failures, etc problems and give you a " New Life with A New Attitude !"

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  2. Amiable fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  3. I had been following astrologers/palmist for so many years and spent a good amount but finally achieved nothing, I do not know how far it is true.

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  5. @dividi

    If You are fade-up with your life by visiting so many astrologers/palmists, etc people and got NO Results then there must be Vasu Dosha in your house.

    When a person has VASTU DOSHA, and if he/she do all these Astrology, Numerology, Kalasarpa, Nag-Narayan Bali, Hom-Havan, Etc remedies, All these Remedies DOES NOT HELP him/her. Because the problem is in VASTU and NOT in your horoscope.

    If the person's VASTU is good and DOES NOT have any problems, He/She DOES NOT get any BAD results through out his/her life(Even if the horoscope's planet condition is bad)

    VASTU is strong enough to SAVE a Person from the Evil effects of the planets in his/her horoscope.

    So over & all :- If VASTU is OK. You can live a happy life. If VASTU has problems, then NO other Remedies can SAVE you other than VASTU consultancy.

    If you are interested, There is a Vastu & Feng Shui consultancy in Pune,Maharashtra, named "MagicViews". You can consult them, they are one of the Best. You can contact them here :
    [ Email : ] [ Call : 0 9960489492 ]

    Thanks & God Bless You !

    Devang (from Namo Narayan Team)


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