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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Remove Negative Energy and Protect Yourself; Easy Way to Do That

Tri-Energy Symbol

Hello, One of the most common problem spiritualists, healers and other normal people also face is  "How to Remove Negative Energy ?"
There are many ways you can remove negative energy from you and your house/office. You can read & chant Spiritual Mantras, Stotras, Shlokas,etc.  Or if you don't have enough time to read & chant the mantras and shlokas everyday. This quick remedy will help you. You can do this once a month or week or day (as per your requirement). 

Remove Negative Energy Using Sea-Salt : One of the best effective and economical way of removing negative energy is using Sea-Salt Water. 

Here are some quick steps to do that :-
  • Go to any Grocery Shop near by your house, ask for Sea-Salt. (It comes very cheap as Rs.2/- to 5/-per kg). Bring that salt to home.
  • Get a Pot, add some water to it. (approx 5-6 mugs of water for a single room, see as per your place, and adjust, add more water)
  • Now put the sea-salt into that water (approx 4-5 spoons)
  • Now mix water + sea-salt and take a piece of cloth. and clean your flooring wit that water.
  • Let the flooring dry.
  • Light Sandal/Jasmin flavored Candles or/and Essence Stick in the house/office. Sandal & Jasmin are best flavors to Remove Negativity.
  • You can do this once a month or week. If more visitors/outsiders visits your place frequently, then do it daily at evening. Especially, in office/shop where many people visits daily.
  • Keeping one cut Onion in any corner of the house will also help to remove negativity. (Just look after the onion's smell. :) )
  • On Main door of your house/office paste one Tri-Energy Symbol.
  • You can wear one Tri-Energy Crystal Pendant also to protect yourself.
  • Do Bhramari Pranayama. Bhramari Pranayama helps clearing blockages in Human Aura and remove negativity from the Aura.
Spiritual Mantras for Remove Negativity is a separate topic. That I will cover in upcoming posts with details of Stotras, Kavacha (Shield), etc. till then, Keep checking the blog for regular updates.

Thanks and Gold bless you all !

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