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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why God Don't Help You ? How to Connect with The God and Get Your Prayers Heard

Connect to the God with Prayers
"God don't listen to me. I Pray a lot. I really do, with bottom of my heart. But he just not care about it at all. Why he don't listen my prayers and never help me?" - I got this question and have decided to try to answer this in this post. 

Hope this will help you all to find out your answers (or at least a road to your answers), and you will be able to create a stronger connection with your beloved God.

Many great people, Sages, Saints have mentioned in their respective quotes time to time that, You have to give your 100% to connect to the God. That's right. Do that.

What else ?

Don't be selfish, Remove your Ego, Do meditation regularly, etc.
Again, it's very precise. Follow it.

Still if you fail creating a connection with god, here I'm giving you a 'real life example' of one saint, which will give you an idea about what are you missing to connecting with the God.

The real life example is about an Indian Saint - Brahmachaitanya (Gondavalekar Maharaj) from Gondavale, Maharashtra, India.

He was a one of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. In his place, Gondavale, there is Lord Rama's Temple. ( which is spiritually very powerful. Millions of people visit the place all the time during year. Especially on every month's Full Moon (Pournima/Poornima) and on Ram Navami. )

( If you are interested, You can read about him in his books:- Gondavalekar Maharaj )

So the thing is - When maharaj left his village (where the Rama Temple is situated now), the statue of Rama got Tears in his eyes. 

(WHAT ? WHY ? Want to know ? Read further)

(Now you must be laughing on such things, because we are living in 21st century, where Facebook, Twitter and WhtsApp is in people's life, and I'm telling you that, a non-living stone-made statue cried for his devotee. Well, you can have a good laugh. But that's all True. When you visit his Samadhi in Gondavale, you will FEEL something inside. The Mahaprasad (holy food) you eat there, CHANGES you from WITHIN (I got this experience myself. Do give it a try. You won't be disappointed).

Thank You God - Attitude of Gratitude
Now coming to the point about Connecting God :- 

It's all about Faith & belief. Gondavalekar Maharaj had strongest faith on the Rama, and NOTE that, not just vague faith. He had the strongest faith on the Statue of Rama as well. Whenever he used to Pray, he used to think like - the Lord Rama is PRESENT there in front of him listening to his prayers. He used to care about Lord Rama as he is a real human being.

He treated his beloved God as we treat our loved ones, while holy-bathing the statue, doing daily prayers, offerings, chanting, etc. all the things he did as he is LIVING with the Lord Rama. That's the reason, when he(maharaj) left the temple to go out of village, the God himself got tears in his eyes for his devotee.

That is connection.

 What about you ?
  1. Do you offer prayers to your beloved God with this much intensity ?
  2. When you pray to your beloved God, do you think he or she is present in front of you ?
  3. Do you really love & care about him/her ?
Most the times you THINK that you are Praying, but actually you are NOT. You just SAY, Don't PRAY. There is small difference in saying & praying. Try to understand it. FEEL the presence of your God in front of you or around you. Talk to him/her. Love him, Care for him. Can you do it ?

When you will be able to do that and will start praying instead of saying,You will be connected to God and he will listen to your prayers. Read this post once again. May be you will find some new approach right here right now.

( One friendly personal suggestion :
Keep LOGIC out of your mind, if you really want to connect to the God.)

Blessings !

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