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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unmarried With 'Mangalik Dosha'? Here's A Remedy You Never Heard Of

Mangalik Dosha Remedies: Best Ever Practical Remedy (Must Do)
How do you feel when the astrologer tells you that 'You Are a Mangalik' ?
Will you prefer to stay unmarried for whole life, only because you are a Mangalik?
What's your opinion ?

They say, to remove mangalik dosha you have to marry with certain kind of TREE. If you express embarrassment to perform this remedy. They give you the example of the popular bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, who was also mangalik and had to marry Peepal Tree before marrying Actor Abhishek Bachchan to remove mangalik dosha.

Well, I don't know if she did it or not. That is not our business. That's her personal life. Let's give her the space and not interfere with that.

Coming back to you, would you like to marry to a TREE first ? If you don't, you can consider this option...
What is a Mangalik Dosha Anyway, Why People Get Scared of It ?
- It is natural, the reason behind it is extreme catastrophic result of this dosha which is scary for the people who believed in it. ‘Mangalik’ is the word that people don’t want to hear while birth chart formation or horoscope matching process before marriage. Mangal or Mars has an influencing negative or positive affects depending upon its placement on your horoscope.

A person is declared Mangalik when a Mars is placed in the ascendant 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the natal chart. Some astrologer also considered 2nd house. Its affect are considered severe if the same placements of mars occur in Chandra or Moon chart.

Mangalik Dosha’ is concern and has great significance in married life. Its presence create delay and obstacles in marriage and, also disturbance, deprivation, distance or even divorce and death of spouse in marital life. Apart from marriage it affects other life prospects such as disturbance in pertaining education, delay in career, lack of strength, vitality and disturbance in child birth.
What Are the Remedies for Manglik Dosha ?
One of the best and easiest remedy is : Mangalik should have a Mangalik partner. (As in Diamond cuts Diamond or Loha Lohe ko Katata Hai).

But What When Your Are in Love With Someone, Who is NOT Mangalik ? 
One should not scare of ‘Mangalik dosha’ as its effect can be minimize or abolish completely by following these Traditional Remedies to remove mangal dosha:

  • Mangal Graha Shanti Pooja.
  • Mangal Gauri Pooja.
  • Katyayni Pooja. 
  • Kumbh Vivah Pooja.
Any of these rituals performed in auspicious occasion seek blessing and good fortune from Nine Planets for all family members. Every Mangalik should recite Hanuman Chalisa and Visit Lord Hanumana temple regularly.

Now the Master Remedy for Mangalik Dosha That You NEVER heard of and WORKING
Many people find it difficult to do any such Pooja, Homa-Havan, Marrying to Peepal Tree or Visiting Temples regularly, etc. For such people the BEST EVER remedy is Numerology Name Change.

In Hindu culture, there is a popular custom to change the first name of the bride after marriage. So if you are changing your bride's name, think changing your name also on this occasion. I won't say much things about this, only one thing - It WORKS.

God bless you !

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