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Monday, May 7, 2018

How to Get Married Within 100 Days. Secret Astrology Remedies For Singles

Astrology Remedies for Delayed Marriage
Astrology Remedies for Delayed Marriage
Marriage is an important part of life.

Everybody has different opinions about how and when to get married?

From "I want to get married early, so I can have everything at right time and right place according to the plan", to "Let me get settled first and then will think about marriage and stuff".

Those who don't want to get married get lots of proposals, and those who are ready to jump on the wedding wagon struggle to find their perfect match or ends up with wrong ones.

Sometimes everything goes according to the big plan and still the marriage get cancelled at the last moment.

Look at Gautam's story...

He didn't want to get married at the first place. But because of 'the sweet pressure' from the family and friends, he agreed.

His maternal aunt suggested a girl, then his grandmother suggested another one, he also selected some profiles on the matrimonial sites by himself, but still he couldn't find a girl as per his expectations.

Finally one day, he met- Janhavi.

Janhavi was a dance choreographer in the event management group that was managing his friend's wedding.

He likes her at first sight.

They got introduced during the dance rehearsals for the wedding ceremony, and then they become friends and then fell in love.

Gautam was already looking for the bride, so without wasting any time he proposed her and she said YES.

Both families met, had the formal discussions and they got officially engaged.

And just a month before wedding, Janhavi changed her mind, broke up with Gautam and called off the wedding.

He was shocked.

A year passed to recover from that.

And then again his family and friends insisted him to get married. He somehow agreed, again he saw few girls and selected one.

Everything went well for a month, and then she also called off the wedding.

It happens 3-4 times with him and he completely lost his confident and got depressed. 

Why These Things Happen?


In your horoscope, 7th house is the house of your partner/spouse.

In boy's horoscope VENUS represents the bride, and in girl's horoscope JUPITER represents the groom.

If the horoscope is well balanced, means the 7th house is good and both of these planets are in good places, then the marriage becomes very happy and successful. ("Let's grow-old-together" types.)

When There Is Delay in Marriage, You Have to Look For 4 Planets: Mars, Venus, Jupiter And Saturn.


If Venus and Jupiter are retrograde, Saturn is in the 7th house or he has strong connection with this house, then the marriage gets delayed and obstacles arise from nowhere.

Because Saturn represents the DELAY. Wherever he stay he creates DELAY in that thing.

If the Mars is in the 7th house or his is aspecting the house, then such person should not get married before 28 years of his/her age.  If he/she does, he/she will 'fight a lot', even for very small things.

If the Sun is in the 7th house or aspecting, then the person has an attitude problem. he becomes self-centered and that's why it created problem in marriage. "I have expectations, MY life, MY expectation, MY identity, it's all about I, Me And Myself."

If Ketu is n the 7 th house, he creates despair and dispassion about life. "Why get married, what's the purpose of life, everybody is going to die then why bring baby into the world, I'm better alone in my own world". This type of thinking destroys their marriage.

If Rahu is in the 7th house, the person gets very obsessed. "What should I do, how many marriages should I do? should I get married twice? Or hide my wedding and get married again with another name? I deserve multiple partners, one partner is not enough for me, I want more". They get married in hurry, and then get divorced immediately and go on hunting for next partner. NO sense of deep emotion or love, always looking for OUTSIDE thrills.

There are lots of Yogas like these in your horoscope that cause the delay in marriage. 

You have to study them all and then have to apply proper remedies to solve those problems and get married.

What Happens To Gautam? 


Well, his aunt had emailed me everything about his case and I immediately told her to start the Astrological Healing for him.

In Astrological Healing we find out the root cause of your planetary problems and then heal them.

All the malefic effects of your planets, your own past experiences, failures, depression, disappointments, etc things create lots of blockages in your energy field.

Because of that negativity, we keep pushing good things AWAY from us unknowingly.

And that's why repeat the same mistakes in our life and get the same disappointments over and over again. That's what was happening with Gautam.

Astrology Healing stops all this.

It takes total 90 days to complete this healing process. 

In this period, your negative energies are removed and you feel more positive. That brings good things and events in your life. 

You have to give 3 things for that:

1) Your name
2) Your age
3) Your location (city/country)

Once you provide these 3 things, we do all the healing and mantra chanting on your behalf over here.

So if you trying very hard for marriage and still nothing is happening, then this secret Astrological Healing will definitely help you to get married.

The results are very good and most important thing is- experience shows that you get married within a week after completing the 90 days healing process. 

Look at Gautam...

After The Healing Period Is Over, He Got Married Within 5 Days.


His office has sent him to Germany for 6 months job training. And there were other employees from other branches too. All of them are going to leave together for the job training.

They started meeting frequently and there he met Riya. (She is HR Officer. Self-dependent, smart and good looking)

She noticed Gautam's sincerity in work and cleverness. As she is working in HR, she also knew his complete bio-data and other qualities.

She lied him. They both were preparing for the job training and during that she proposed to him and he said YES. Both of them went to Germany fro the job training and after got married immediately after returning.

Gautam's family and friends are very happy.

The man whose wedding got called-off 4 times, who had lost his confidence and was depressed is now happily married with a dynamic young woman who loves him a lot. 

A movie like story, isn't it? 

If you or anybody from your relative or friend wants to get married within 100 days: send your details here.

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