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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Medical Astrology: When You Are Tired of Changing Doctors And Treatments...

Medical Astrology Remedies
Last week, one of my clients, Sameer, called me and told that his Dad is sick.

"We have taken him to so many doctors, we have tried the specialists ones, general physicians, neurologists, but nothing is working. He is not getting better at all. It's been 6 months now. We are worried. Can you please check his Horoscope and see if anything is wrong there?" He asked.

As I mentioned here, the 1st house in your horoscope represents your overall health, your immunity and your physical strength. 6th house in your horoscope represents Diseases/Health Problems. And 8th house in your horoscope represents Death.

So when we have to see the horoscope of a sick person, you have to look for these 3 houses, their natural lords, the astrological signs that are present in the houses, their lords and the lord of the 6th house, where is it situated, with whom, etc.

I studied his Dad's horoscope and emailed him some remedies along with only one spiritual Mantra. And I advised him to tell his father to chant that mantra daily.

He started the remedies and mantra chanting immediately from the same day and within a week from it, his Dad got well. No medicines, No therapy, nothing. Only one Mantra showed its magic.

Now in this 21st century, how can this be possible, you might wonder.

Let's dive deeper...

Sameer's Dad was in the bank when he felt sudden dizziness and he fell down over there. The bank people were nice, they took him to do the hospital, admitted him and informed Sameer. But before Smeer reach there, the Doctors(?) have tried many tests on his Dad, they gave injections, capsules, etc. Whatever doubt they had, they told Sameer, and made him to do different types of medical tests for his Dad to check almost every possibility they think of.

First the Doctor said,"I think we have to do the Brain C.T. Scan", then he said,"MRI is also necessary". And after doing all of those tests, nothing found, so he gave one physiccian's visiting card and said, "Go to him and do the Vertigo exercises regularly that he will give you.". And handed over an expensive medical bill.

A month passed and then the physician said, "I think his nose's bone has increased, that's why he is feeling the dizziness."

Sameer's family thought, what nose has to do with Brain? So they went to another Doctor, he said,"His brain is depreciated." Now that sounded believable, so they started his treatment  It went on for 2 months. But still there were no signs of improvement at all.

Then they spent next 56- months trying different Doctors and different treatments. But nothing was working for them and they were completely frustrated. So Sameer's grandmother said,"Maybe something is wrong with his horoscope. Let's ask an Astrologer." And so he asked me.

So coming back to the Horoscope of his Dad, when I studied, I found that the Antardasha has changed. And the planet whose Antardasha has just started was a weak planet, and the house it was sitting in was also not so powerful. That's why because of the malefic effects of that weak planet, this sudden health problem has occurred and when I gave a mantra related to that planet. It got pleased and the health problem got cured.

You have to see lots of things in a Horoscope, it's very important task to find out different aspects of a problem. For example, what's the root cause of the problem, is it because of bad planet or bad aspect? is the problem temporary or going to last longer? is it ordinary problem or something serious is going to happen? We have to look at it with various angles and then have to decide what remedies we have to give to solve that problem.

Another important thing to remember here is- When you have to see different doctors and still none of them can diagnose the exact problem, then most of the times, this type of problem is caused by planet KETU. 

Ketu is malefic planet who calculates our Karma. Whatever good or bad deeds we have done in our life till now, intentionally or intentionally, he makes us PAY for those deeds.

That's why you see around you that people spend huge money on medical treatments, they go to foreign countries for advanced high-end treatments, but still nothing work for them. Even those experts fail to diagnose your health problem and you do not get any results.

Want to know the reason? It's Ketu.

Ketu will never let you off that easy without making you pay for your deeds. Your huge earnings, expert doctors, etc nothing works for him. That's why you have to do those mantra chanting, healing and spiritual remedies to purify your Karma. Even if you believe it or not.

I wonder that people spend so many money and time on medical treatments, why don't they ever think of getting an advice from an Astrologer?

In older times in India, when there were no Doctors, the Ayurvedic practitioners used to have very deep knowledge about Vedic Astrology, they used to precisely find out the root cause of the problem and then they used to give medicines, and the patients used to get well. 

I'm not saying that, whenever you and your relative get sick, immediately take him to an Astrologer and do the Mantra-Tantra remedies to cure him. When you get sick, you have to go to the Doctor only.  But along with that, you can come to us to show the horoscope, we can tell you what can be the possibilities and it can help your Doctors to check and find the right direction for doing the further remedies.

And even if you don't get any results of the Doctor's treatments, you can come to us for our Advanced Healing that I always talk about. Many of you have experienced the amazing results of that healing for yourselves and your friends/relatives. Lots of people keep informing me their own experiences time to time. I'm grateful to all of you for the love, encouragement and support. 

Gone are the days when people used to think of an Astrology as superstition. Medical Astrology and its use is increasing day by day. People are researching more and publishing their case studies, not just in India, but in foreign countries too.

People finding out their cultural roots and asking Medical Astrology advice is a welcoming sign.

If you or any of your friend/relative is suffering from any health problem since long time or couldn't diagnose it or want to get rid of it as soon as possible, contact us here.

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