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Friday, January 19, 2018

Numerology For Dancers. How to Win A Grammy Award, Become World Famous And Make Lots of Money

What's your biggest dream as a Dancer ?

Want to create a Dance Group and go on a World Tour?
Want to make your own Music Album and win a Grammy Award ?
Want to become a Choreographer and make it big into the Movies?

Whatever your dream is, if you really want to be successful in that, you are going to NEED this one Numerology Secret that I've found out.

( I hope you have a basic idea about what Numerology is and how it can help you in your career. If not, you can read these articles: Mangalik Dosha Numerology Remedy and Numerology Name Change).

There are three major numbers in Numerology, which rules the Dancers, 3, 6 and 9.

If you look at the best dancers of all time or most popular dancers in the world, you will find that they are all ruled by one of the numbers, or sometimes all of these numbers.

But out of these three numbers, there are 2 numbers that dominates the most and give huge success internationally, millions of fans across the world, prestigious awards and billions of money.

And the numerology secret numbers for dancers are number 6 and 9.

Out of 9 and 6. It's number 9 that wins.

Most successful dancers are very much influenced by number 9.

They either have their birth day on 9th, 18th or 27th or they have their Name Number or Inner Components of their name (First Name or Last Name number) that adds to number 9 series such as 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63,72, etc.

Best Dancers in The World (Famous Examples) :

Elvis Presley : Born on January 8, 1935 
Life Path Number is 9.
First Name is on 18 = 9.
Last Name is on 27 = 9.
Total Name Number is 45 = 9.
No wonder he is the best-selling artist of all time with the highest sales.

Madonna  : Name Number is 27 = 9.

Michael Jackson : Born on August 29, 1958   Life Path is Number 6.

Chris Brown : Name Number is 36 = 9.  

James Brown : Name Number is 36 = 9.   Born on May 3, 1933   Life Path is Number 6.

Fred Astaire : Name Number is 36 = 9.   Born on 10 May 1899  Life Path is Number 6.

Mikhail Baryshnikov : Born on  27 January 1948  Destiny Number is 9.

Best Dancers in The Bollywood :-

Madhuri Dixit : Born on 15 May 1967  (Her Surname is also on number 15 = 6)

Govinda : Name Number is  27  = 9.   

Birju Maharaj : 
Name Number is  27  = 9.  Born 4 February 1938  Life Path is also 9. 

Prabhu Deva : 
Life Path Number 9. Born on 3 April 1973. (Plus his First Name is on Number 24, which is 6.)

Allu Arjun : Born on  8 April 1983   Life Path is Number 6.

Award Winning Bollywood Choreographers :

Saroj Khan : Name Number is 27 = 9.

Ganesh Acharya : Name Number is 36 = 9. 

Farah  Khan : Born on  9 January 1965  Destiny Number is 9.

Remo D'Souza :  Born on 2 April 1974  Life Path is Number 9. (His first name is on 18 = 9)

You can see above, 9 is clearly dominating the list.

Now if you are born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month OR if your life path is Number 9, and still you are not getting any success in your Dance Career, then maybe there is something wrong with your Name. You can correct it with Numerology and have a successful name.

If you DO NOT have number 9 in your birth date, then you can get your Name on number 9, to get the vibrations of success.

Off-course, there are certain exceptions of people having their names on 9 or born on 9th, 18th and 27th, and still can't move a leg. There are so many popular actors ruled by number 9 who just can't dance.

In their cases, the inner numbers of their Names and their date of births create the opposite vibrations that are not suitable for them to dance. 

That's why, you see often that there are so many people who join the dance class, do it sincerely for years, and still can't dance any good.

The other numbers just ruin the vibrations for them.  

The best thing for them to do is get a name on number 9 as soon as possible.

And people who already have name on number 9, and still can't dance or still No Success at all, it's time to change the Inner Components of your name.

Because, in numerology, everybody has their set of lucky and unlucky numbers.

If you have those unlucky numbers in your name. They are not going to help you in dance. You have to change them according to your lucky numbers.

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