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Monday, January 15, 2018

Astrology For Inter-Caste And Inter-Religion Marriages: Sureshot Indications

Astrology for Inter Caste, Inter Religion Marriage
How to Know If Your Marriage is Going to Be a Inter-Caste Marriage or Inter-Religion Marriage? Is There Any Sureshot Indication in the Janam Kundali, Which Can Tell Us That?

Yes, there is !

Jupiter and Venus positions in your Janam Kundali can tell you that if you are going to marry a boy/girl outside your caste, religion, country.

Let's see how.

In girl's horocope, Jupiter represents the Groom and in boy's horoscope, Venus represents the Bride.

In horoscope, 5th house is for Love Affairs . This house tells you everything about the person's love and relationships, premarital and extra-marital both types of affairs, etc.

If this place is weak or polluted by PAAP GRAHA Rahu, Mangal, Ketu or Shani then these are indications that you are going to fall in love with a person outside of your caste/religion.

Same goes with the 7th House, this is house of a Marriage. if this house is weak or affected by bad planets mentioned above. There are chances of inter-caste marriage.

If 5th house is affected by Rahu , but 7th house is powerful with good planets. Then you fall in love with other caste/religion's boy/girl, but you can't get married to them. And if you still get married after lots of obstacles, you end up getting divorce. Because, 7the house has power of good Yogas, which don't let you stay with those other caste/religion person which got closer because of weak 5th house.  That's why, most people's Love Affairs fails.

9th House is house of Religion and Faith. if this house is affected by bad planets, then a person becomes NASTIK/Atheist/Agnostic and may change his/her religion after marriage.

There are so many other Yogas/positions you have to check in person's horoscope, there are also other similar charts that can give you more precise details about the caste and religion and marriage.

If you want to know about your horoscope, OR
if you want to know that if you are going to get bride/groom outside your religion/caste, OR
if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend outside your caste/religion, and want to know if you will get married or not, please feel free to contact us right now.

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