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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Numerology Name Change Service for Special Purposes

You believe it or not, But the TRUTH is " It Does Work." ! -- I again won a Debate over it.

After so many days, I'm writing this post on Numerology Name Change. There's a reason behind it. I was debating with my Non-Believer friend yesterday regarding this Numerology Name Change thing. He was saying "All this is just Bull Shit. We are unable to change our Fate by just changing the Name Spelling",  bla, bla, etc. etc.

So after having a sound debate with him for 2 hours. He finally agreed that , "YES, It's Amazing ! "  If you have the same mindset like him, then I request you to Please read this Post :- 

Well, I won't give any lecture over here. I will just put some important aspects of Numerology Name Change as FAQ style.

How does it work ?
-Your Name contains alphabets, each alphabets contains Energy and has it's own Vibrations. By changing your spelling what we do is, we ADD an Extra alphabet into your Name, Means we ADD an extra Energy (Vibrations) into your Name which HELP YOU to Remove Obstacles into your life's path. When we feel there is an OVER or NEGATIVE Energy in your name we SUBTRACT it from your name. And make it suitable for you.

How it will Benefit me ?
- It will benefit you in your life's all Aspects, Business/Job, Health, Relationships, Nature, Money, Success, etc, etc, everything. You just have to follow the guidelines which I will give you (without doubting it and putting Full Trust on it).

I'm a 8 Born, 8 is a Most Disastrous Number, Does Numerology Name Change Help me ?
 - Well, I'm glad to tell you that, there is may be only Numerology Name Change which is Helping 8 Born people to remove their negative aspects of life and make life successful. I have seen many examples of people who born on 8, 17, 26 dates or having 8 as life path number. They were so frustrated with life by trying so many remedies and was fade up of spending Lacs of rupees on it. But when they follow Numerology Name change they got benefited. :) Their Lacs of rupees couldn't bring Happiness to them but the Name Change  made them Smile. :)

Is there any AGE bar to change name ?
NO. There is No Caste, Religion, Age bar to Change name. Everybody who TRUST it can get the positive effects of it. Even if you are 60 years old, and have lived your life with difficulties, sorrow and failures, and NOW if you change your name, then also You can get the Positive effects of it after even 60 years of age. That's why, Everybody is today changing their name and getting benefited. from Common man to Ministers, Politicians, Filmstars, Businessmen, etc. etc. It really Helps.

What about Business Name ?
Yes, it is also equally important to have a compatible Business Name . Your Name should be compatible with your business name to get the best results out of it. If you see, your overall life is going good, But NOT the Business. It means, may be your business name is not compatible with your name.That's why, you suffer some problems such as, Money is not coming on the time, clients are not paying, headache in office, broken relationships with customers, etc. etc. One Numerology Business Change will remove your business related problems,and will help you Grow Your Business.

Thanks and lots of blessings !


  1. this is full name is jakka shanmukha srinivasarao...and i born on 30-09-1989...
    and i have problem in my career i.e from 1 year even with distinction in engg...not able to select in any govt.exams.....please solve my problem

  2. Hi Srinivas,
    Do you sign your name as "jakka shanmukha srinivasarao" ?

    Please tell me the name which you USE everyday, and which is on your bank a/c, pan card, etc.

    is it the same name ?

  3. My name is Taneesh Kumar Dwivedi & my DOB is 15.9.1967 though I had not been using Kumar for many years.Kindly suggest the name change for me.

  4. @ Taneesh, For what purpose you need name change ?


  5. I financial/job growth & good family relations.Financially I am always in crises.

  6. @dividi

    I read your another comment in another post on this blog. I have mentioned over there that , You should consult a Vastu Consultalt.

    Thanks & God bless you !

  7. hi my name is Ashish Jha and i was born on 09/09/1988.i was curious that does the name shivraj suit me instead of full Ashish Jha. I have problem of being blunt,provoked easily,leaving things half done and is prone to make a lot of enemies at the same time.Plz suggest some better names as well as throw some light on shivraj

  8. hi my name is Ashish Jha and i was born on 8th of septmbr 1988. I wanted a name change because i believe it alienates me from others . Can you tell me if the name Shivraj instead of Ashish Jhawas numerologically perfect or not. If its not then can you suggest some more names.

  9. hi my name is Ashish Jha legally with no pet name and i am number 8th born, i believe my name alienates me from others as it carries blunt expression to my character hence making enemies as well as constraints me from success. Can you plz help me shed some light on the name such as only Shivraj instead of Ashish jha.
    or if you have anything that has in tuned with numerology.

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  13. @ Jaywant :

    Following names will be nice for you :

    1) H. Jjaywant
    2) Jaywant J Howal

    don't worry about what name is there in resume. It doesn't count. Only what name you write,Use everywhere and what you sign is important.

    So any of the 2 names, choose any one and start using it.

    If you are confused between 2 names Start using 1st name, See if there are any good incidents happening in your life. Watch for them for 2-3 weeks. If things started moving in your favor, it's good. This is your name then. Best wishes.

    start using means, Write this name 25 times daily for at least 25 days.

    God bless you !

  14. @ Ashish

    Ashishh Zaa (The best choice)

    and for nickname this is good :-

    Write this name 32 times daily for at least 32 days.

    God bless you !

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  16. Write this new name 46 times everyday for 46 days. and once yu started getting positive results, then you can use this new name to your bank account, legal documents, pan card, etc everywhere.

    New Name : Jaywantt J Howal

  17. @ Jaywantt use the new name which I gave to you in last mesg [ Jaywantt J Howal ] . NO need to correct it in each & every legal document. only pan card or driving license, or similar document will do. Nobody change their numerology name change in each & every document. and concentrate on your efforts also. Only new name will not give you success. you have to put your efforts as complementary to it. So my suggestion is - instead of wasting time on trying different spiritual remedies, trying different name spellings. choose this one and go ahead. Spend some time daily on meditation and on helping people. Help people without expecting anything. stop worrying. if possible, find some time and be with NATURE. Go to any Temple, sit there for 5 to 10 minutes. don't ask anything to God or anybody. Just sit and Relax. Things will start happening in your favor.

    God Bless you !

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  19. @Jaywant whatever sign you choose fro the options given, will be fine.

  20. @ Sumit

    Change your current name asap. It contains negative vibrations.

    Here is the Name suggestion for you :

    If you want to use first name only, then the best options are :

    1) Sumiet or Sumith (write it for 23 times daily for 23 days with green ink)

    If you want to use first name with surname then the best option is :

    2) Sumiit Mathur (write it for 41 times daily for 41 days with green ink)

    Avoid Black & Red color if possible.( Can use only if have NO choice. But still avoiding is better) Blue-Green-Yellow will be lucky colors for you.

    god bless you ! :)

  21. Thank you sir for your help!! you are one of very few persons who are willing to share their knowledge without asking anything in return.


  22. hi sir my name is p.shivanagaraju
    Friends calling me shiva
    My date of birth: 29/11/1991
    I have problem in my career
    Give me ur suggestion name change

  23. Hi,

    2) Signing as venkatesh
    3) 16/03/1980
    4) -
    5) Could not shine up in my career. Though having enough knowledge and skills, could not come up in my career. Presently my company has laid off 40 employees, along with me. Will I be getting a job back ? Do I need to change my industry, presently am in IT, or will business workout for me ? Please advice.

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  25. Hi,This is full name is Praveen kumar Anaparthi and i born on 11-08-1988...
    and i have problem in my career, i have completed my engg ....., i Love programing, I have another name called Arjun{un official } , both name are in use , please solve my problem.

  26. i want to start my company and iam confused in the name now , i want to know according to my birth details which name will suit for my company.

    my details
    nitesh saxena
    new delhi

    company names- UNIVISTA,UVISTA,VISVA ,UVISVA AND WAT COLOR shd i use for letter head,visiting card ,wat color shd i use personaly and stay away from ?

    thank you

  27. Legal Name -- Harshpal Singh
    Current sign -- ?????
    Date of Birth -- 26/11/1981
    Business Name (if applicable)
    main problems - not getting success in life, family business finished, trouble in all aspects of life, careeer, marriage life, domestic life, friend life everything.

  28. My Daughter Was born on 16.07.2012 at 8.06pm and the naming ceremony is in the november month please suggest a great name get her fame, name, respect and popularity, the name should be starting from the letter A. Thank you.

  29. @ Amaranath Shasrti.
    Congrats for Daughter. :)
    Let me know your Surname which you are going to use in your daughter's full name. So I can suggest you the best names for your daughter with starting A. :)

    God Bless You !

  30. @ Sumit
    Thank You and God bless You ! :)

  31. @ Harshapl

    Use this name :
    Harshhpal Singh (Write it 50 times daily with green ink pen for 50 days )

    This new name will help you now to succeed in your life, boost up your spirit and take new beginning with life. God bless you ! :)

  32. @Praveen

    Your full name contains some negative vibs.
    Use this name only:
    Praveen Anaparthi [don't use kumar between the name]
    (write this name 60 times daily for 60 days with blue ink)

    Arjun also a gr8 and lucky name for you. you can use that also.

    God Bless you ! :)

  33. @ Nitesh
    Only UVISVA is a good name for company, rest of them contains negative vibs.

    color : green & blue (bright shades)
    avoid black & red

    Your personal name is also not compatible. U shud change it to your business name , The better name will be : Nitesh Saqsena

    God bless you ! :)

  34. @ Nitin

    Your life path is 8 and your name also comes at 8. Tht's why,m u suffered a lot. anyways, here's the solution :

    1) N. Sagar (write this name 15 times daily for 15 days with blue ink)

    2) Nitiin Saghar (write this name 32 times daily for 32 days with green ink)

    God bless You ! :)

  35. @ p.shivanagaraju,

    Let me know full form of the 'P' in your name.

    God bless You ! :)


    don't use only VENKATESH . It's not good for you.

    Use this name :
    V. Venkatesh (best name & best signature for you)
    (write this name 42 times daily for 42 days with blue ink)

    God bless You ! :)

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