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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miracles of Numerology Name Change : How A Guy Got His Dream Job Within 2 Months

Recently I got an email inquiry from a guy. He was very frustrated with his current job. He was working very hard in that firm since 6 years, But still there was No promotion, No increment. The politics within his department was also a big problem for him. According to him, His team leader intentionally corner him every time, and never give any credit to him for his achievements.

The freshers has got promoted, but not him. He was completely broken from inside. He wanted to left the job immediately and wanted to run away. But his car EMIs were going from this salary. There was no any other income source, that's the ONLY reason that he couldn't afford to left that job. Now what do to in situation was his question to me.

He was working in financial field where he didn't have any sort of interest or attachment to that type of work. He joined that firm only because he was Commerce graduate. He was interested in Entertainment & Arts field (especially, Animation, Cartoons,etc.) But he didn't have any type of experience or education in that type of field. He was the only child of his parents, so after completing graduation he immediately joined the job. And was so much devastated in the job, that was not able to do any educational course or something emotionally & mentally.

I studied his birth dates. He was interested in Entertainment & Arts field. For this field one need to have a powerful Venus in his Horoscope and Name also. I checked both the things. The Venus was poorly placed in his Horoscope and it was completely missing  from his name also. Saturn also helps in such regard, but that was also misplaced there.

Addition to that, he was using a different type of Name for himself. I asked him the reason, he told me that, he read some articles on Numerology Name change on the internet and so according to that he changed his name. ( Many people do such mistakes by doing all such extremely sensitive and important changes/things by themselves. This can backfire in most of the times, as it did with this guy also.  Be careful. Don't PLAY with your FATE. Get advice from professional people. )

I told him to STOP using that name. And gave him a New Name by adding necessary Venus & Saturn vibrations to his Name. And also gave some Mantras to chant along with the name.

One month passed, and I got his email that, He got an Job Offer from a firm. And was asking me the auspicious timings for Interview, Application Date, etc. I gave him. And he got that Job.

The Salary packed was very good. And the most important reason he extremely happy was the company was not from financial field, the firm was a big entertainment & cartoon related firm, named - Disney !

He said, new colleagues seem nice to behave and to work with. There are lot of new opportunities coming in with the new job and he will keep me updating about the same. Overall he is HAPPY and SATISFIED now. He is going to come to me soon for marriage consultation now. :)

I also felt very happy for him and for Numerology Name Change science, Because just by making some appropriate & required changes in his Name, he got such miraculous results.There are lots of people who are confused about this science. I thought, if I share this experience with you, it will help you clear your doubts about this.

Let me know what do you think about it ?


  1. My husband is also facing similar problem in office. Hes extremely frustrated with his job, only continuing because of house loan and other responsibilities.

    1. You can email at ( ) for consultation about your husband's problem.


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