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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting; And What Happens If You Break Fast by Mistake

Why keep Fast (commonly known as 'Upawas') ?
What are the Spiritual Benefits of Fasting ?
What if I can't control hunger and break the Fast ?

These are some questions I get many times. there are SOOO many reasons and answers to these questions. Keeping it short and easy to understand, here are some important reasons:-

In one sentence, Spirituality leads you towards the God, and Fasting CONNECTS you with the God.

The spiritual significance of fasting is preserved in Vedas and also proven scientifically. According to scriptures fasting is a specific type of purifying austerity which makes your mind calm and serene.

During fasting or Vrata or Upwas, it is advised to worship certain deities by concentrating on their positive aspects which results in evoking their special qualities/blessings in the individual (the worshiper or for whom the worship is for.)

The fasting awakes your dormant mind and takes your sensual conscious to super conscious level. It takes time, consistency and patience for this though.

Fasting spiritually coordinates mans Biological System with the Nature. Yoga terms fasting as a ‘sattvik’ or ontological element. In this period mind become more receptive and concentrated. Breaking a fast by first meal gives a heavenly bliss that can’t be comparing from anything in the earth (True, you must experience that).

Spiritual Fasting radiates divinity, attain immorality, and make thoughts sublime and action gentle of the person who practices fasting at regular interval. Some days specify for fasting has special precipice, practicing fast in these days will give you long lasting blessings of God.

These are:
  • Sankashti Chaturthi: It comes on fourth day of both fortnight and ideal for worshiping Lord Ganesha. He blesses you by removing obstacles and troubles from your life.

  • Ashtami: Some auspicious Astami i.e. eighth day of each fortnight results in divine blessing. These are Krishna Astami and Navaratra Astami. The fasting is done for Lord Krishna and aspects of Goddess Durga respectively.

  • Navmi: Ramanavami is especially noted for getting his mercy and love.

  • Ekadashi: One of the foremost dates recognized for great blessing and boon of Lord Narayana, the Hindu supreme. Fasting on this day serves as preventive medicine and instantly fruitful for the devotee.

  • Some of the other important ones are Harishayani, Devuthani and Nirjala Ekadasi.
What if you break Fast ?
- Many people will tell you that, if you break the fast, the God/Goddess will harm you, you will have curse on yourself, your family and further generations, etc. That is ALL BULLSHIT.  God/Goddess NEVER harm ANYBODY.

Still if you get scared of breaking Fast, ASK FORGIVENESS to the God/Goddess.

Overall, Fasting is formulated for people to go beyond their individual surrounding and identity and, experience the real inherent characteristics of life.

If you keep good intentions and keep fast with full faith, You will never feel hungry while fasting. This is true. Do that and experience it. Happy Fasting !

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