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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Karma, Bad Karma : Choose Your Life Path Carefully

What Is The Karma All About and How Does It Affect Your Life

Execution of intentions in the form of action, work or deed by any soul in this physical world is termed as karma.  

Just like our intentions which are sometime good or bad, Karma also acts in accordance. Karma is interpreted in several ways by different religion, books and theories but all points to common theme of causality, ethics and rebirth.

Karma always affects individual life and it says like deeds leads you toward like effects. The effects are visible or invisible, immediate or delayed or it can be within this life or next.

Karma is a universal law which states that every action has a consequence and these actions is considered as ‘Dharma’ or ‘Adharma’ which leads an individual to merit or demerit respectively. 

The quantity and quality of karma perform in this life is going to decide your realm and condition in the next life or after reincarnation. Some type of karma are so divine which releases you from this cycle of soul transmigrates and make your way toward realm of god, by reaching the ‘Moksa’.

Karma is of different types, it may be ritual or spiritual act, sacrificial or selfish act, sometime it is planned or sometime accidental. Different types of karma according to:

Lord Krishna:

  • Kamya Karma: These include actions perform for one’s own interest or gain.
  • Nishiddha Karma: Action which are against holy texts and scriptures.
  • Nitya Karma: These are the action that every human must perform daily.
  • Naimittika Karma: Action that must be performed on any auspicious and special occasion.
(First two kind of karmas lead to rebirth and latter two help to attain salvation.)

In Buddhism, They believe in three type of karma (Kamma):
  • Kamma that produce results in the same lifetime
  • Kamma that produce results in next life
  • Kamma that produces results in successive birth.
It is believed that combination of fortune and misfortune are accountable to past good and bad kamma.

Karma is one of the ways to attain lord and please him. True and right karma always achieve happiness and salvation. There is famous saying in Bhagwad Gita, that means, Keep Doing Your Work (Karma), Don’t Worry About Fruits of Action. [ || Karmanyevadhikarste Ma Phaleshu Kadachan || ]
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