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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spiritual Mantras and Remedies for Victory in Court Cases and to Speed-Up Legal Procedures

Spiritual Mantra for Winning Court Cases
In Mantra Shastra, there are so many mantras available for each & every purpose. The best part is all those spiritual mantras works great even today also.

We should thank our Sages for creating them for us.

Spiritual Remedies for Marriage/Divorce Related Court Cases :

Before doing any remedies, you MUST know that every horoscope is different, so I have to check your horoscope to study your problem first, I have to see that which Planet combination or positions are causing you the Legal Trouble. Then Only I will be able to suggest you the specific remedies which will get you out of your legal trouble and can make Court Ruling in your favor.

For example,
for Property/ Land Disputes Mars/Mangal is responsible.
for Family/Relationships/Divorce/Alimony, Child Custody etc disputes Venus/Shukra is responsible. 
for Business Partnership Disputes, Budh/Mercury can be responsible.

In general, it's Jupiter/Guru which brings Legal Notices, Lawsuits, etc anything.

There are certain advanced healing remedies which can solve the problem. And that's why I mentioned that your horoscope or birth details are necessary to suggest you the best remedies that can free you from legal trouble, prevent your from going to jail or any penalty.

If you are interested in the advanced astrological remedies, please feel free to contact us.

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