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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yoga Position That Attracts Money, Wealth and Prosperity

Yoga Position Kuber Mudra to Attract Money
Yoga Position to Attract Money
You’re going to love this yoga position and the mantra I have given here to attract money.

This post is for the busy people who want quick remedy to attract money, but don't have much time for chanting mantras, doing offerings, visiting temples, etc.

This particular Yoga Position is popularly known as Money Mudra. You can practice this yoga position anytime and anywhere.

Let's see how to do it and its benefits...

This Yoga Mudra (Mudra means hand-position) is also known as"Kubera Mudra".  (Lord Kubera is a God of wealth, money & prosperity)

It doesn't matter if you believe in this kid of stuff or not.  
Just do the yoga position and see the results. 
As simple as that. 
No big science.

Small Caution: All Yoga positions are related to health. So if you are sick/unwell or have weak immunity, please DO NOT do this position. For you people, I have given a powerful mantra below to chant that will help you to attract money.

Easy Directions To Do The Yoga Position That Attract Money :

  1. Look at your palms.
  2. Fold your Little Finger and Ring Finger towards your palm. 
  3. They should touch your palm.
  4. Touch your Thumb's tip to your Index Finger and Middle Finger's tips. 
  5. Do this yoga position with both hands for minimum 15-20 minutes daily. 

You can refer this quick video for doing the Mudra.

Increase The Power With This Additional Powerful Mantra :


Chant this above mentioned English mantra AS-IT-IS daily at least 108 times.

If you can't do the yoga position, you can just chant this mantra to attract money.

And if you chant this mantra while doing the yoga position, that will increase the power of the whole ritual and you will get money more and faster.

You Really Seeing How Effective This Remedy Is, Don’t You?
So Start This From Today And See The Results.

And if you don't see the results of this Mantra, email me at (, I will tell you a little secret that will help you to attract money faster.

No, I'm not going to charge you any money for giving that secret. It's free of cost.

I know what are you thinking... if the mantra is so powerful and gives money then why am I giving this out as free of cost, right?

What's the catch?

Well, here's the truth...

I also chant this mantra, and I also receive money through my paid consultations. But since I started giving out mantras free of cost, strange thing happened... that people started donating money to this site... 

And that too in thousands, I swear to God. 

That's why now I'm giving out this mantra free, because it's a universal law that when you give more, you receive more.

Unlike some religious Gurus who are charging huge money under the name of rituals, I'm giving out this remedy without taking any money, that means, in a sense, I'm giving out my money.

And that's why, people are donating generously in exchange of the value they are getting out of this.

So if you also found this information valuable, please consider donating some amount by clicking the DONATE button below as a generous offering for appreciation. Any amount of your choice is fine. You are not obliged to do so.

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Give More to Receive More

P.S.  If you are skeptical about this mantra, I completely understand.

When I started this blog, a lot of people asked me lots of questions about mantras and other remedies that I suggest.

I always answer all the questions with detailed explanations and social PROOF.

For example this one: check out my this post: Spiritual Mantra to Get Lost Things/Persons/Pets Back.

This post is the most popular post till date. Have a look at that post and see the comments of the people who are experiencing the MIRACULOUS RESULTS of that spiritual mantra.

You like how easy and powerful this is, don’t you?

There were so many skeptical people who were doubtful at first, but then they started chanting the mantras and got the results. It's them who started donating money in big amounts.

Have you noticed the sudden change in beliefs?

I'm so humbled with their kind gesture that now I study more and offer more remedies and resources for people to attract money, wealth and prosperity.

Peace !

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