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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Your Father Is Your ‘Sun’. Father’s Day Special Astrology Remedies For Weak Sun in Your Horoscope

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Weak Sun

It’s very important to have a strong SUN in the horoscope as it represents our soul and the life force.

Sun is your self esteem and healthy ego. Sun is the Prana. He is the reason you are alive.

In your horoscope, planet SUN represents your father. And its placement in your horoscope can tell a lot about your relations with your father.

You love him OR hate him; he loves you OR hates you?
Are you going to live with him OR send him to an old-age home?

What kind of legacy you are going to get from him? Good human values, money, estate or nothing at all?

How he behaves with you? Verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse OR love, care, sacrifice and compassion?

All these things can be seen from your horoscope and the SUN in your chart.

Sun is a functional malefic planet and its results are somewhat intense in nature.

If Sun is poorly placed in your horoscope and is not a yogakaraka, it will give negative results in the mentioned areas. On the other hand if it’s a yogakaraka or well placed, it will bless you with great results relating to that particular house it rules as well as resides in.

Now there is no single formula that can tell us these things. You have to look the SUN its placement, the conjunctions with other planets, the Nakshtras, his Aspects and other planets’ aspects on him, etc.

After studying these things we can find out the details and improve your relations with him or if they are already good, we can keep them good for lifetime.

Meanwhile here’s I’m giving some common remedies that will help you to strengthen the SUN in your horoscope. [ NOTE: Don’t do all the remedies at once.]

Astrology Remedies For Weak Sun in Your Horoscope:

  • Wake up early in the morning and offer water to the rising Sun by your hand (also known as giving Arghya)

  • ALWAYS respect your father. Don't argue with him or talk back. Never hurt the feelings of your father, no matter what. Touch his feet and take blessings. If you can’t do that every day, at least do it on every Sunday.

  • If you think you’ve made a mistake, apologize to your father. If you don’t have courage to do it on his face, do it in your mind. Close your eyes. Imagine him in front of you and ask forgiveness. 

  • This applies to other father figures in your life too, your godfather and your mentors, etc.  Serve them, respect them.

  • Avoid giving bribe to any authoritative person, government officials and police (most important). 

  • Don’t try to cheat the government. Always pay all the government fees, bills and taxes.

  • Donate some money to charity.  And do those donations on Sunday.

  • Keep a fast on every Sunday.

  • Chant Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times a day.

  • Recite Aditya Hridya Stotra.

  • When you leave your house for work in the morning, look at the SUN and pray.

  • Keep water in copper utensils at night and in morning drink it

  • Hang copper-made SUN on the east wall of your house or office.

  • Do the Sun Salutations exercise everyday. (also known as  Surya Namaskar. ) If you can’t do daily, do it at least on Sunday, early in the morning.  If you can chant the Surya Namaskar mantras along with the exercise, that would be the best SUN remedy in the world. 

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