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Friday, June 15, 2018

If Your House Has This Defect, Your Daughter Will Get Married Against Your Wish

Remedies For Delayed Marriage

Nobody wants a tragedy in the house.

But what if you don’t have any clue and it’s started unfolding itself in your own house?

No, I’m not talking about any movie or novel.

I’m talking about your life along with your family members, and how your house has special powers to change the good and bad events in your life.

I’m talking about Vastu Shastra and an important vastu defect that can invite a tragedy to your house.

Let’s have a look…

As you know the whole Vastu Shastra is based on 8 directions: EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH, NE, SE, NW, SW .

Out of those 8 directions, the north-east direction in your house represents the females in the family.

So if there is any MAHADOSHA (major fault/energy destruction) in the north east direction, females in the house suffer a lot due to any serious health problem or any other career/work related problem.

  • They do not get married easily, if they do, their married life is unhappy or they get divorced
  • They don’t succeed in their careers, they get frequent setbacks in life
  • Their love affairs NEVER succeed, they always end up with heartburn and breakups.

Not all of these things happen at once.

There are other factors too that we have to consider such as the opposite directions, overall energy flow of the house, powerful zones in the house, etc. Looking at those things, we can say that which of the bad things will happen first and what you have to do to avoid them.

Defects in North East Direction That Cause These Bad Effects

  1. Toilet, Bedrooms or A Staircase in the North-East Direction (These are the serious defects of all)
  2. CUT in this North-East Direction
  3. An Overhead Water Tank or a Septic Tank in this North-East Direction
  4. Heavy things placed in the North-East Direction
  5. Plain wall. No window or door or any open source that can bring sunlight

If you have even one of these defects in your house then: 

Your daughter will get married to a person you don’t like or hate. If you have any enemy, chances are your daughter will run away with him and get married against your wish.

I have consulted thousands of cases by now and in most of the cases I have warned the family members about this problem. Some of them listened and some of them didn’t.

Mr Sanjay was one of them. He had emailed me his house layout for vastu consultation last year.

I immediately advised him to make changes in the North-East direction and told him that if not, your daughter will get married against your wish.

He said, “I trust my daughter and my family values. I have raised her with lots of love and she will never do anything like this which will hurt me.

I still insisted to do the remedies anyway for safer side. He didn’t listen.

His daughter got married in the March, 2018. The groom is not yet settled in life, no steady job, no owned house, no future plans.

It was against Mr Sanjay's wish.

He tried his best to convince his daughter, but she said it doesn’t matter if that guy earns or not, she will run the house with her salary. She did that for 8 months and then got divorced and came back to Mr Sanjay’s house.

It’s a sad story.

Point to remember here is :

Your House Never Lies. It Tells You Everything. You Just Have To Listen.

Vastu Remedies For North-East Vastu Dosha:

As I mentioned above, every house tells different stories according to their family members.

So if your house has any of these defects in the North-East direction. Get it checked now and avoid the future problems.

Here are some basic common remedies you can do:

  • Always make sure the north-east direction in your house is clean
  • Keep the zone lighter in weight. Do not put any heavy items/furniture in that zone.
  • Make sure you have more open space and more light in that zone.
  • Place god/goddess idols/ photos there
  • Light Agarbatti/Essence Sticks everyday

Get your house checked now.  Email me at  or simply click here.

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