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Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Reach to God Fast and Convey Your Prayers: A Scientific Way

In last post, you have learned an easy way to connect to the god. In this post you will learn about how to convey your prayers to the God fast through a well known scientific way.

Suppose, you want to send a message to your beloved person who is in another country, how will you send the message?

If you send it on a letter thorough ordinary post, it will take some weeks to reach it. If you send through courier, it will reach their earlier. And if you make a phone call to that person on his mobile phone, you will reach to him almost instantly, right?

You can apply the same method to reach to the God. But who will give you the “special mobile phone-like tool” that will connect you to the God immediately?

The tool is already with you, and it's easily available and accessible to you. It’s LIGHT.

When you just pray to the God, it takes some time to reach the prayer to him (like the ordinary post). But when you pray by lighting a Diya/Niranajan or Candle in front of him, your prayer reaches to him 5 times faster (just like a courier),  and if you pray by performing a Homa or Yajna your prayers reaches to him instantly. Because the Homa or Yajna has the LIGHT present within it, in the form of HOLY FIRE.

That light works for you as a mobile phone, and connects you to the God immediately. That’s the reason, when you perform any Homa or Yajna in your house or office, and then pray along with the rituals, your wishes get fulfilled quickly, because the prayers reaches to the God directly.

Confused about HOW?

Spiritual researchers say that, according to Physics, the speed of LIGHT is approx 299,792,458 meters per second.  And that’s why your prayers reach to the God with this speed.

That’s the reason, in our country, for any auspicious work there is an important ritual of “Agnidevata Aavahan”(invoking the Lord Fire to be present for the ritual.)

That’s the reason; we light Essence Sticks and Diyas for everyday Puja. That’s the reason, we do Deep-Prajvalan (lighting holy diyas) in each and every ceremony. No matter how small or big the occasion is, we LIGHT the diyas, and then only we start it. Because,  Agnideveta (the Lord Fire) convey our prayers to the God. 

Now looking at today’s lifestyles, it’s difficult to perform Homa or Yajna every day. But we can surely light a Diya/Niranjan or Candle in front of God before saying the prayers. So start from today.

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